Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Our vision is to give the best education and to develop the minds of students to be experts in information technology and in programming. In order to equip students to become globally competitive in their future career.


The College of Maasin and Information Technology Department aims to mold the minds of students to be well-rounded professionals.

To pursue this mission, the college is committed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To produce quality graduates who are competitive at global, national, and regional levels
  • To train students to continue to local and regional industry and community development, with an emphasis on competitiveness.
  • To equip graduates with the skills in research analysis, design and implementation of information systems making them globally competitive.
  • To implant the knowledge and expertise for self-improvement to promote social and environment interest.
  • To expose students to be responsive to institutional and extend the knowledge to community needs to give them the opportunity to work.